Ecosol is a premier supplier of quality rice to Africa and Asia by having a strong presence in almost all Rice exporting countries and partnerships across Africa. With a strong grasp of this business from origin countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, India, Pakistan and Brazil, we are able to deliver consistent quality at competitive prices to all the 8 countries in Africa and 3 countries in Asia. Today,Ecosol is recognized as a prominent rice trader in some Africa and Asian markets. We supply all grades of Rice with our specialties listed below. Click on the products to see their specifications.

  1. Parboiled rice
  2. White rice (All grades)
  3. Thai Hom Mail
  4. Fragrant Vietnam Jasmine Rice
  5. Jila Rice
  6. EMATA
  7. Swarna Rice
  8. Ponny Rice


Criteria Thai 100% Sortexed Long Grain Indian Sortexed Long Grain IR-64 Indian Sortexed Long Grain IR-8
Whole Grain 80% Min 70% Min
Brokens 4% Max 5% Max (Basis 2/3RD Grain) 5% Max (Basis 2/3RD Grain)
Moisture 14% Max 14% Max 14% Max
Foreign Matter/Underdeveloped/Immature/Seeds 0.2% Max 0.25% Max
Paddy 3 grains/kg
Damaged Kernels 1% Max 1% Max 1% Max
Yellow Kernels 0.25% Max
Black Kernels 0.1% Max 0.25% Max
Partly Black/Peck 1.5% Max
Red & Undermiled Kernels 0.5% Max 1% Max 1% Max
Milling Degree Extra Well Milled
Length 6mm Min 5.8mm Min